Eachine Wizard X220S FPV

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  • Quick-replace 3.5mm carbon fiber arms
  • Compatible with PPM, SBUS, XBUS, Spektrum R/C systems
  • GoPro 3/4 and Mobius / Runcam mount included


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Carbon fiber all the way

All structural parts on the TBS VENDETTA are made out of custom-made carbon fiber layup. The arms are made from flat 3.5mm thick carbon fiber plates, machined to precise standards on a 4-axis CNC machine, fully chamfered to prevent delamination. The body is a pure work of art, which starts its life as a hand molded tubular 2mm carbon fiber master. It is trimmed down by a 4-axis CNC machine to save weight. Smooth and rounded edges in the CNC cuts are our way of showing off. The matte finish is sand blasted, because attention to detail requires it.

Tight integration, modular design

The entire FPV racer is built around the idea of countless self-contained parts working together hand in hand for a unified user experience. Starting from the TBS ZeroZero FPV camera, to the TBS POWERCUBE and TBS CORE PRO, everything is repairable without a soldering iron, and with just two tools. This does not prevent you from configuring all tuning parameters via the built-in OSD, to changing VTx channels or power levels.

From box to air: 5 minutes

The TBS VENDETTA comes pre-tuned, and the R/C Calibration Wizard takes you through the setup steps. Just strap in a R/C receiver, tune your goggles to BOSCAM A CH1, and start setting up your controls (both R/C receiver, goggles and FPV video receivers are sold separately). The arms arrive in detached state to allow quick access to the R/C receiver bay the first time.

Built to grow

From the structural rigidity to the over-powered ESCs, everything has been developed with your progress as a pilot in mind. A step to 6S with bigger motors to gain ridiculous power-to-weight ratios, custom arms for higher efficiency motors and props, or simply a different motor setup to suit your tastes are easily possible, thanks to the MT30 connectors and the quick swap arms. You can even carry different pairs of arms with unique motor and props combos installed for every occasion, and mount what you fancy!


  • 240-sized RTF FPV Racer
  • Quick-replace 3.5mm carbon fiber arms, MT30 connectors
  • Cobra CM2204/2300kV Motors, HQ 5x4x3 Props
  • TBS PowerCube with fastest F3 board available, 2-6S capable Bulletproof 30/50A ESCs
  • Compatible with PPM, SBUS, XBUS, Spektrum R/C systems
  • Fully configurable via OSD, no PC required
  • GoPro 3/4 and Mobius / Runcam mount included, both 10 and 30 degree variations
  • Lost model alarm
  • 410g weight without Battery or HD camera

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